Building the Nation

From the discovery of coal used for heating and cooking to the world-famous gold rushes of the 1850s, to mining multinational enterprises such as Rio Tinto, Xstrata, Alcan, Alcoa, BHP Billiton and Newcrest, the mineral and resources sector in Australia has always been essential to the strength of the nation’s economy.

Mining and Remote InfrastructureMining and Remote Infrastructure

Why Australia’s miners have currently stopped exploring

Mark Creasy, Australia’s most successful mining prospector who discovered the Jundee gold mine, Bronzewing deposit, and the most recent Nova-Bollinger nickel deposit, is pretty much disappointed with what’s happening in Australia’s mining scene. In one of his interviews, he warned upstarts that the excessive regulations for exploration are not really healthy for the future of mining.

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Marine Service Specialists

Fendercare is an offshore services company that supplies marine equipment and services to the oil and gas industry. The company is a worldwide original equipment distributor and the largest distributor for the Yokohama pneumatic rubber fender. Business in Focus spoke with General Manager of the Marine and the new Lifting and Testing Services division David Flatman.


After the Boom

Here is a good example of a company with foresight, able to see the likely end of the boom in Australia’s minerals and resources sector…


Energy Superpower

Australia is on the cusp of becoming a global gas superpower – and it may happen sooner than previously thought. A 2013 report by investment bank Morgan Stanley predicts that Australia could overtake Qatar as the number one liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter on the planet as early as 2017…

Energy Superpower

Race to the Bottom

With all the speculation and paranoia surrounding the potential exhaustion of land based mineral deposits, as well as the increasing costs associated with locating and extracting any deposits which remain, the most innovative and forward thinking companies and countries are racing to the bottom (of the ocean, that is!), where the potential for abundant and untapped deposits of high quality lie in wait.

Mining the Seafloor

Solar Energy in Mining

Across the world, renewable solar photovoltaic energy has widely been gaining traction as a reliable energy source for large electricity consumers. Of course, while renewable energy is an important aspect of environmental conservancy efforts, it can also offer incredible cost savings – especially in expensive regions which see dry, clear skies. Places, of course, like most of Australia, where the mining sector operates throughout rural locations, frequently off-grid, to high cost at the expense of mining companies.

Solar Energy in Mining

Australia and the EITI

Standing on Our Strengths COMPANYBy Aleisha Parr View in E-Magazine With its incredible abundance of natural resources, Australia has long been at the forefront of international discussions on extractive industries practices, often setting the standard for progressive governance. However, that conversation has begun to shift focus with the rapid popularity enjoyed by the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), which aims to “strengthen governance by improving transparency and accountability in the extractives sector.” The mission of the EITI begins by acknowledging that, “when governance is weak, the extraction of such resources can result in poverty, corruption and conflict.” However, the extraction […]

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Strategic Resources

There are 17 classified rare earth elements, many of which have strategic purposes. Rare in name only, these elements are anything but scarce as they are found all over the world. The challenge rare earth elements pose is during extraction, as they exist in low concentrations and are difficult to separate from one another.

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