Cleanway Environmental Services

Peter favours an approach that first identifies what waste needs to be dealt with on a regular basis in any particular industrial or resources context, then establishes a routine that safely meets the regulations and keeps the environment safe whilst keeping the wheels of industry turning without interruptions.

Cleaning Up Australia

Wrightway Products

Brian Tarlinton, Wrightway’s General Manager, explains the enormous effort now being invested in resource recovery, which in part has driven Wrightway’s rapid growth. “It is a hugely developing field in a lot of areas that just has endless developments coming all the way from landfill gas recapturing for energy production through to the resource recovery of various materials, whether they be electronics, rubbers or polystyrenes, papers, cardboards or bottles—everything now has an end use,” he explains.

Market-Driven Innovation for Safer Waste Recovery


However, reliability and ease of use (which also equates to speed of turnaround when loading or unloading to enable the vehicle to be in use more and in the depot less) are also important factors and are sometimes underestimated. Not every fleet manager knows all the options that can make his or her trucks perform to optimum levels year in, year out.

Keep on Trucking

Meridian Engineering

The Meridian Engineering professional team includes Operations Manager Josh Kiley who himself has an extensive background in mining, repair and fabrication (he is also a qualified boilermaker and advanced welder) as well as experience in the supervision of large work crews. The company’s sizable growth can be attributed to its focus on quality work, quality people and the building of strong client relationships.

The Problem Solvers

Johnson Controls Australia

Warren Johnson and a group of investors from America incorporated the Johnson Electric Service Company in 1885 which then began to install and service automatic building temperature regulation systems.

Exceeding Expectations for Efficiency

Everhard Industries

In 1926, in a small Bulimba factory in Brisbane, Alfred Davis created Queensland’s first laundry tub manufacturing business – a first that only hinted at how Everhard Industries would change the way Australians designed and used wet areas in and around their homes and the way their Councils provided water services to them for the next 80 years.

Including the Kitchen Sink

Environmental Water Services

In the field of waste water services, the EWS level of dedication is crucial, not just to the client, but to the environment as well.

The Right Solution for the Right Environment

Akwa Worx

They started out providing “subcontract labour for irrigation and water treatment jobs,” Shane explains. “And then through some contacts we knew, we started to supply labour to fit out and install sewerage treatment plants for another company, which we did for a couple of years until that company went through an acquisition process.

Green and Clean

Go Marine Group

The company’s corporate statement is uncompromising. “We are Australian and understand the logistics and challenges of operating in the ports around Australia.” In fact, though, GO MARINE also operates in oceans far afield from home, its growing fleet in fast-rising demand from an impressive list of majors in the oil and gas exploration business.

Going Places

Strategic Resources

There are 17 classified rare earth elements, many of which have strategic purposes. Rare in name only, these elements are anything but scarce as they are found all over the world. The challenge rare earth elements pose is during extraction, as they exist in low concentrations and are difficult to separate from one another.

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