Australia’s First Miners

Indigenous labour is quickly remaking the face of the mining industry. ABC News reports that a decade ago, only half a per cent of Rio Tinto’s workforce was Indigenous. Today, the company hires more Indigenous workers than any other private employer in Australia – over 1,100 people representing at least 11 per cent of its total WA workforce. And, Rio Tinto aims to bring that total up to 20 per cent by 2015.

Indigenous Workforce Participation

Big Salaries, Big Responsibilities

To anyone involved in Australia’s Mining Industry, it will likely come as no surprise that the sector leads the way in significant pay increases over other areas. Mineral-rich states such as Western Australia – which counts gold, iron ore, nickel, and alumina, along with crude oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) among its key exports – saw a 1.5 per cent hourly pay increase earlier this year among WA workers, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveal. The only state to demonstrate a marked increase compared to last year’s statistics, WA revealed a significant increase compared to other states in the nation, which are demonstrating less significant figures.

Western Australia

Energy Generation in the Age of Carbon Pricing

The AETA was developed in close consultation with WorleyParsons, the Australian Energy Market Operator, CSIRO, and a stakeholder reference group drawn from industry and research/academic organisations with interests and expertise in a diverse range of electricity generation technologies. Under its provision of high level transparency, the AETA offers comprehensive details of its underlying methodology, assumptions, parameter values and component costs within the report and its accompanying model.

The Australia Energy Technology Assessment 2012

Powerful and Perfectly Adapted

With the Perentie – Australia’s largest monitor lizard and known for being low, lean and tough – representing the Drake Trailer brand, General Manager Khali Lake says that the company provides the quality and reliability needed to handle tough Australian conditions. “In harsh environments,” he says, “nothing comes close to the Perentie for strength and resilience. It is powerful and perfectly adapted to its surroundings, like a Drake Trailer.”

Drake Trailers

Maranoa Regional Council

The term ‘Coal Seam Gas’ or Coal Bed Methane is given to any naturally occurring gas that gets trapped in underground coal seams by either water or ground pressure. The most common form of this natural gas is called methane (CH4) and is actually the most abundant organic compound found on earth. This gas is highly flammable and burns very hot compared to most other gases because it is the simplest hydrocarbon. In a nutshell, this makes it very important for electrical generation; it burns hotter, meaning that less is needed, therefore less carbon dioxide is emitted overall – about 50 per cent less than coal. It can even be piped directly into homes for use as a cooking and heating fuel.

Maranoa Regional Council

Size, Skill and Strength

Civmec is an integrated, multi-disciplinary services provider to the resources, utilities and infrastructure industries. It provides heavy engineering and other services such as fabrication, modular assembly, site civil works, precast concrete, industrial insulation, structural, mechanical, piping installation and maintenance services.

Civmec Limited

Giving The Mine Some Air

As such, Howden (since early this year now wholly owned by US corporation Colfax) has regional and national sales or manufacturing operations in many countries. Howden designs, engineers and supplies air and gas handling equipment, including industrial fans, process gas compressors and rotary heat exchangers


NorthWest Project Management Pty Ltd

NWPM (NorthWest Project Management Pty Ltd) is a specialist engineering consulting and people resourcing firm. The company has been supplying quality personnel to the resource sector for over a decade and is equipped to manage virtually any mining or infrastructure project from inception to completion, regardless of the size or scope. The privately owned company covers all aspects of structural, civil, mechanical engineering and building construction.

NorthWest Project Management Pty Ltd

Achieving Closure

The environmental business is a sector in fine shape right now, as one might well imagine. Outback Ecology, an Australian consultancy based in Perth, has expertise across a full spectrum of environmental, biological, aquatic, soil sciences, and mining environmental management and has become one of the leaders in the field in Western Australia, the largest specialising in and dedicated specifically to environmental sciences.

Outback Ecology

Drilling and Blasting Done Right

Drilling and Blasting Done Right Total Drilling ServicesBy Dave Côté View in E-MagazineView in Brochure Where mining is concerned, drilling and blasting seems like a fairly straightforward concept – a drilling and blasting company will put the explosives where they want them and then detonate them. Most of the time however, there are numerous factors which must be taken into consideration. It actually takes many years of experience to get the process right. These skilled workers aren’t just being paid to blow things up; they must be highly trained professionals who can calculate the precise amount of explosive needed to […]

Total Drilling Services

Strategic Resources

There are 17 classified rare earth elements, many of which have strategic purposes. Rare in name only, these elements are anything but scarce as they are found all over the world. The challenge rare earth elements pose is during extraction, as they exist in low concentrations and are difficult to separate from one another.

January 21, 2020, 12:23 AM AEDT


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