When we caught up with Greg Rains, Managing Director of Nordev Contractors, he apologised for being elusive. That was because there are hardly enough hours in the day. “We are working flat out. We are going through a major expansion at the moment and with the so-called ‘two speed economy’ we have certainly picked the right gear.”

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Alfabs Engineering Group

Alfabs Engineering Group is a well established heavy engineering organisation based in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley area with a considerable bank of experience and expertise in the fields of engineering fabrication, mining equipment and mining services and protective coatings throughout Australia.

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Mining has always been important for Australia. The country has had a long love affair of the mineral kind, first mining silver and copper in South Australia before moving into supply of much of the world’s gold in the 19th century. The industry has drawn many millions of people to discover the beautiful country for themselves throughout the last century, and has produced a great deal of wealth for the industry and Australia as a whole.

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Elite Industry Services

Ross Butcher was working as a self-employed electrician when he noticed a need for more skilled labour in the Bowen Basin area. Mining was undergoing a “real boom period,” and there simply weren’t enough experienced tradespeople to fill all the necessary jobs. Motivated by this shortage, and “the possibility of what could happen,” Mr Butcher founded Elite Labour Solutions in March 2010 in order to supply skilled tradespeople to the industry.

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“We’re very good at what we do,” states Brendon McCarrison, summing up in one short sentence the host of specialty process cooling services and solutions offered by the Brisbane based company, Breezewater Pty Ltd.

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Phoenix Contact / Rittal Australia

Between them, Rittal & Phoenix Contact constitute a world leader in enclosure and IT infrastructure technology, and industrial electrical and electronic innovations respectively.
Rittal continues to expand its product offering with the highest quality German engineering. Since its inception in Germany in 1961, Rittal has grown from a leading supplier of industrial enclosure and climate control technology to be a provider of complete data centre infrastructure

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In the last 20 years, an emphasis on workplace health and safety has meant dramatic growth in the market for personal protective equipment (PPE). Add to that the current extraordinary expansion of the resources sector and it’s hardly surprising that we found Tim Bird, managing director of Paramount Safety, in a distinctly upbeat mood.

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IVR Group

For almost half a century, Australian owned and operated IVR Group has been providing innovative natural ventilation systems to a wide range of industries and sectors across the nation. Working closely with clients, architects, designers, and engineers, IVR Group is about much more than just selling products; it is dedicated to creating solutions for all clients.

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Immediate Assistants

It may seem an odd area in which to compromise, but until quite recently, there were a surprising number of holes in the net supplying emergency medical services to industrial enterprises in remote locations. Even many of the major multinationals accepted standards of care that were well short of what might be available in more accessible places, simply due to the remoteness of the operation.

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Contaminated soils, toxic waste and derelict industrial sites may sound like the film set of a post-apocalyptic movie, but in truth, hazardous contaminants are all too real, and as problematic as any disaster scenario that Hollywood concocts. Matt Fensom and Cameron McLean recognised the prevalence of such sites throughout Australia, and the need for specialised site remediation techniques to be adopted across multiple industries. In 2001, the pair founded Enviropacific, aiming to fill a “boutique space… dealing with contaminated sites, hazardous chemicals and a lot of hazardous waste.” From the beginning, the team didn’t want to “be everything to everyone,” Mr Fensom explains. Instead, they understood the value of filling a niche where few dare to tread.

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Strategic Resources

There are 17 classified rare earth elements, many of which have strategic purposes. Rare in name only, these elements are anything but scarce as they are found all over the world. The challenge rare earth elements pose is during extraction, as they exist in low concentrations and are difficult to separate from one another.

January 21, 2020, 12:24 AM AEDT


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