Expansion into China

Rhine Ruhr began operations in 1987 in Australia. It was a spinoff of a South African company that went by the same name and had been doing business since 1956, started at that time by two German individuals. In 1987 the Australian directors bought out the rights to the name and became independent. Since its inception in Australia, Rhine Ruhr has grown to become a trusted and recognised name for exceptional performance in the design, engineering and manufacture of world class process vessel internals.

Rhine Ruhr

Professional Pipeline Projects

Since 1997, Redline Group has been helping Australia work toward better infrastructure, by installing and maintaining pipelines for the municipal, oil and gas, industrial and mining sectors. The company has undertaken work throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, and in addition to turn key pipeline construction also specialises in project management and plant hire. To date, Redline Group has won tenders with BHP, Newcrest, Citic Pacific and companies alike.

Redline Group

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Mining

Originally, there were five directors who each owned their own companies, each covering different needs within the mining industry. Their ultimate goal was to be able to create a company that could take a plot of land, do all the work necessary to determine what’s there, and get it ready for the mining process. None of these individual directors had a company that could do it all, however.

PIMS Group

A New Partnership Brings New Opportunities

The team is also in the process of officially rebranding Oil Industry Catering and Services to OICS – the name that industry insiders already regularly use for the well-known company.


World Class Engineering

A century and a half from now, who knows what engineers will be working on? It is challenging enough for many to simply absorb what is being done in the present, so fast is the discipline changing and redefining itself. Professor Iven Mareels is Dean of the School of Engineering and he points out that engineers now work with the very biggest as well as the very smallest things – from space stations and skyscrapers to physical actuators smaller than the eye can see – and the barriers between the different divisions of engineering are breaking down rapidly.

Melbourne School of Engineering

Overcoming the Deep Water Challenge

“We operate at the high end of the business with quite specialised and highly experienced resources for the more challenging projects,” says CEO and Managing Director Steve Hindmarsh. Drawing from a pool of world-class talent and leading edge technology, the team is able to maximise client returns on projects operating in the most remote and hostile environments.


Bringing Smart Solutions to Life

The company is a professional consulting mechanical engineering business operating out of offices in Brisbane and Dalby in Australia and Johannesburg in South Africa. The company is truly an innovator, having developed an advanced excavator monitor for instantaneous data feedback, as well as new technologies in Digital Terrain Mapping (DTM) that are changing the face of mining. We spoke with the company’s founder, Director Bruce Leslie, about new directions his company is taking.

LC Engineering

Reinventing the Transport Industry

A can-do attitude and a commitment to quality has set the company apart and spurred the team to develop a number of game changing products over the years. The motivation is simple: “We always strive for being the best, not second best.”

Krueger Transport

A Brighter Future

This has been a year of upheaval for the solar power industry. It was the year when solar panels began fast approaching grid parity, when the cost of implementing solar energy began to reach that of other generation methods. Until 2012, solar power was relatively expensive due to the high costs of photovoltaic panels, making solar prohibitive in all but a few applications without government incentives or subsidies.

Kyocera Solar

Growing Strong

Privately owned since its inception in 2009, this young construction and maintenance services company serving the mining and resource industry is steadfast and has grown from sixteen staff members to more than two hundred in just three short years. Between its many team members, the young Karridale Group now brings more than seventy-five years of experience to the table.

Karridale Group

Strategic Resources

There are 17 classified rare earth elements, many of which have strategic purposes. Rare in name only, these elements are anything but scarce as they are found all over the world. The challenge rare earth elements pose is during extraction, as they exist in low concentrations and are difficult to separate from one another.

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