APC Technology

In a world driven more and more by computers, portability is a given, computing power is assured and your choice of laptop is as stylish as you want it to be. But what happens when you drop it? That is not quite what APC Technology is about, of course, but the effects of dropping your own personal computer are nothing compared to the effect of a breakage in a system running processes in a mine. Or the computer in the cab of a high-speed train. Or the laptop of someone trying to land a helicopter on a moving aircraft carrier. Breakage or failure of any component is simply not an option.

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Fraser Coast Regional Council

Basking in a subtropical climate, the Fraser Coast is the perfect place to “live life happy,” encapsulating the very best of Queensland. This culturally diverse, vibrant region has something for everyone. Whether your idea of bliss is wandering through charming towns, partying at festivals, sampling fresh local produce or relaxing on a sun-drenched beach, you will find it and more on the Fraser Coast. Go fishing, island hopping, whale watching, snorkelling… no wonder it’s one of Australia’s fastest growing regions.

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EBM Insurance Brokers

Australia’s mining industry delivers big rewards and big risks for its operators, demanding higher standards of technical advice and innovation from its insurance providers. EBM Insurance Brokers was established in 1975 and has grown to become Australia’s largest independently owned and operated broker, with an impressive track record in mining, construction and related industries.

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In the 20 or so years since buying a first, toe-in-the-water computer, this writer has owned 12 such devices – more if you count tablets, even more if you count a succession of PCs in various offices. None of them was ever consciously disposed of. They just sort of got thrown away, so it came as a bit of a shock when the Premier of Queensland, no less, said that a computer has as big an environmental impact as a car.

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In Australia’s demanding mining and resources sectors, maximising returns on assets – while maintaining quality and safety at the same time – is crucial for all companies large and small. Whenever inspection, testing, repair, and ongoing maintenance services are required of the nation’s mine sites, refineries, pipelines, bridges, wharves, moorings and processing facilities, more and more companies are turning to one company for cost-effective solutions to improve efficiency, and help minimise downtime: Buel.

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Protector Alsafe

Safety is something that can neither be understated nor undersold. At Protector Alsafe, there is a culture that the safety message begins at home, and all its own staff receive regular and ongoing training in safety matters for such a diverse range of industries and hazards that it would take the full space of this article to list them. But if we just mention that the headgear range alone encompasses not just the regular series of hard hats, brow guards, face visors but beanies, straw hats, sun-hats and a rather fetching Drover’s hat, you will be able to gauge that the company likes to leave nothing at all to chance.

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An unusual start to this one: the company changed its name while we were writing about it. This feature was due to be about the Indian-owned, global leader in the wind power generation market, Suzlon. But as of October 2011, REpower and Suzlon have combined their operations in the Australian and New Zealand markets. According to the announcement of the change, the new entity, REpower Australia, “will offer both Suzlon and REpower products and EPC services, ensuring the optimum product choice for customers.”

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Barclay Engineering

On many of the world’s mining sites, oil and gas projects, power generation plants, construction areas, ships, industrial fabrication facilities and commercial projects, often the most important technology is that which remains not only out of sight, but literally out of sound. Mines, factories, railway yards, power plants and even hospitals – packed with motors, engines, pumps, heavy machinery and exhaust systems – are not known for being the quietest places on earth. All of these industries face the need to reduce the sound of their operations, not only for the health and safety of machine operators, technicians and other employees, but for residents living neaby.

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Solar Power Australia

“˜I love a sunburnt country,’ wrote famous Australian poet Henry Lawson and he’s not alone. Solar power is a hot topic in the media eye with a government focus on global warming, carbon emissions and the viability of clean energy alternatives. It’s a fierce debate being battled with scientists, media personalities, government figures and environmental groups all putting their views forward as well as ordinary people.

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Cambridge Gulf

Way up in the north of Western Australia, not far from the Northern Territory border and (relatively, of course) a stone’s throw from the Timor Sea, lies the community of Kununurra. A little to the west is the port of Wyndham, situated on the Cambridge Gulf. Taking its name from the estuary, Cambridge Gulf Limited has two main businesses, importing and wholesaling of fuel and the lease and operation of the port.

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Strategic Resources

There are 17 classified rare earth elements, many of which have strategic purposes. Rare in name only, these elements are anything but scarce as they are found all over the world. The challenge rare earth elements pose is during extraction, as they exist in low concentrations and are difficult to separate from one another.

February 27, 2020, 2:20 AM AEDT


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