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With almost 40 years of combined experience in business, advertising, publishing and design, Focus Media Group Pty Ltd. is proud to present , Resource in Focus.

Resource in Focus is distributed to over 30,000 industry leaders from all areas of the resource sector including Mining, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Professional Services, Project Management and Equipment Manufacturing.

Our Mandate:
At Resource in Focus, we believe in the strength of advertisers reaching their target audience over the long run. Ads will appear in our monthly magazine and remain active on our website for two full years, guaranteeing you maximum visibility to potential clients. “We offer an unparalleled length of advertisement time for our clients,” says Publisher Jeff Hocken. “Instead of ads being seen just once and never again – as happens with most other publications – we give our advertisers a truly competitive edge. They benefit from their ads remaining online for a much longer period of time, where they are viewed by potential clients over and over again.”

Strategic Resources

There are 17 classified rare earth elements, many of which have strategic purposes. Rare in name only, these elements are anything but scarce as they are found all over the world. The challenge rare earth elements pose is during extraction, as they exist in low concentrations and are difficult to separate from one another.

January 18, 2020, 6:36 PM AEDT


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