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PR Power

The company provides access to premium, reliable and competitively priced mobile lighting towers, diesel generators, Siltbuster water solutions, and Mobile truck wheel wash and dust control equipment, supplying brands that are internationally recognised. PR Power’s range of equipment has been extensively researched and tested to ensure quality, reliable products are available for use in a wide range of applications Australia-wide.

PR Power is the exclusive Australian distributor for Siltbuster equipment (including settlement units, oil water separators, chemical dosing and pH Correction units) and Olympian diesel generators. The company is also a member of the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia.

Established in 2008, the company now operates from offices in Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and the Northern Territory, supplying a wide range of equipment for both sale and rental Australia-wide along with parts, service and technical support. A key feature of the company’s service offering is PR Power’s highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable staff members, in the areas of power generation, mobile lighting, water and environmental solutions.

PR Power’s product range includes diesel generators from 8kva up to2200kva, powered by world-leading diesel engines including Perkins, Cummins, CAT and Kubota. These generators are ideal for use in diverse sectors including mining, medical, data centres, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, rental, construction, government / utilities, retail and transport industries.

The company also provides a range of mobile lighting towers for mining, oil and gas, civil works, industrial, events and construction applications. The most popular PR Power models are:
• PR4000, designed for use in road works, civil works, event, and more. Over 10,000 units have been sold around the world, and this model can be fitted with a range of lamp options including Metal Halide, LED, High Pressure Sodium and Balloon lighting
• PR8000-FH and PR6000, designed specifically for mining and oil and gas applications
• PR-Hybrid-LED model, which utilises modern LED lighting with advanced battery power systems to produce the world’s first hybrid lighting tower

PR Power’s world first Hybrid-LED lighting Tower is available for sale and hire Australia wide and of course, short or long term hire periods can be negotiated depending on individual project requirements. During the night the hybrid engine / battery runs with zero noise and carbon emissions, while during the day the generator recharges the battery for five hours. In addition, the single cylinder diesel engine operates with an exceptionally low fuel consumption of 0.26L/h. From an environmental point of view the PR-Hybrid-LED generates zero noise and carbon emissions when operating on battery power, saving the operator 86 per cent in carbon dioxide and fuel compared with conventional lighting towers.

The UK-sourced Siltbuster water solution equipment distributed by PR Power in Australia comprises of a range of settlement units, oil / water separators, concrete wash water, hydrodemolition, PH correction and chemical dosing. PR Power’s Mobile Truck Wheel Wash, meanwhile, has been designed specifically for vehicle applications involving environmentally sensitive areas, construction, landfill and mining. The Truck Wheel Wash is also fully mobile and easy to transport and assemble; it is capable of washing high volumes of vehicles per day including both trucks and trailers.

The company has extensive experience and knowledge of mining and oil and energy projects, having worked and currently working closely with the likes of Leighton, Rio Tinto, Downers, Thiess, John Holland, Water Corporation, various government departments and councils, and numerous Port Authorities. With branches in five states, all of which carry full service, parts and technical support along with sale and rental equipment options, PR Power has serviced and currently services key projects including: Gateway (WA), Gorgon – Barrow Island (WA), Ichthys LNG (NT), Clem Jones Tunnel (QLD), Airport Link (QLD), Wagga Hospital (VIC), and Fairfax Ballarat (VIC).

PR Power’s expansion from its WA origins into other states and the growth of its service department highlights the company’s ongoing dedication to ensuring customers have plenty of options with regard to equipment choice, purchase or rental, and parts, service and technical support.

Strategic Resources

There are 17 classified rare earth elements, many of which have strategic purposes. Rare in name only, these elements are anything but scarce as they are found all over the world. The challenge rare earth elements pose is during extraction, as they exist in low concentrations and are difficult to separate from one another.

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