Size, Skill and Strength

Civmec Limited

Civmec is an integrated, multi-disciplinary services provider to the resources, utilities and infrastructure industries. It provides heavy engineering and other services such as fabrication, modular assembly, site civil works, precast concrete, industrial insulation, structural, mechanical, piping installation and maintenance services.

Civmec’s headquarters and state-of-the-art waterfront facilities are located within the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) in Henderson, Western Australia.

“We base our strength on our diversity, a strong dedicated management team and a total commitment to providing our clients with the best service,” says Joe Macri, Civmec Business Development Manager. “We have built an experienced, well-trained and loyal workforce that understands our clients’ needs and is able to respond to our clients’ requirements confidently.

The company was purchased from the VDM Group in July 2009 and privatised, at the same time merging with Ballymount Enterprises, a Western Australian based civil concrete construction company. This was followed in early 2010 by the commencement of construction of its heavy engineering waterfront facility, located at Henderson within the AMC. The facility was completed in August 2010, allowing the first steel fabrication work to commence. After installation of all final major specialist fabrication equipment, it was officially opened by the WA premier Colin Barnett on the 19th April 2011.

Since it was purchased in July 2009, Civmec has worked on many significant projects both locally and in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. This includes work for the Gorgon MOF Wharf Construction at Barrow Island, the SSWA Binningup Desalination Plant, Rio Tinto Hope Downs and Marandoo Expansion Sites, Cape Lambert B Wharf Expansion and many other projects.

With its diverse capabilities, Civmec has grown into a large and experienced civil construction and heavy engineering company; in just the past year, the company has experienced enormous growth. Staff numbers have increased from approximately one hundred employees to over nine hundred at present. April this year saw the company go public, listing on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange (SGX) under the stock code “P9D.”

“It is all going very well,” says Mr Macri of the company, which is also building new corporate offices at Henderson and welcoming the potential for growth and the new opportunities that listing on SGX present to the company and its shareholders.

Said Lawrence Wong, Head of Listings at the Singapore Exchange, “We welcome Civmec to the SGX family and our pool of Australian based companies and funds, which has now grown to ten in number and with a total market capitalisation of S$6.3 billion. We saw an emerging trend of Australian businesses tapping into the investor base in Singapore, and we are pleased that Civmec has chosen SGX as its Asian Gateway to fund its business expansion.”

With a focus on innovation and technology, the company’s recent growth and SGX listing represents another step on Civmec’s path to providing all clients with outstanding results through the application of best practices, processes and procedures across all projects. The merger with Ballymount Enterprises only further strengthened the company’s capabilities, making Civmec one of Australia’s most experienced civil and engineering companies, able to take on large-scale, complex projects and deliver them on time and at the best possible cost.

Diverse Services

Based in Henderson, Western Australia, Civmec provides clients with a wide range of services, including fabrication. Its massive 6,300 square metre Administration Building (currently under construction) and Civmec’s large heavy engineering and fabrication workshop are both located on 70,000 square metres of waterfront land in the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) precinct. Eight undercover bays – all fully reticulated with services necessary for fabrication including power, water, and welding gases systems – cover an area of 29,200 square metres, including internal offices, lunch rooms and stores. Able to handle large-scale fabrication projects, the fully equipped workshop boasts 22 overhead cranes with capacities from 20 to 50 tonnes, modern CNC automated fabrication equipment, and robotic welding and surface treatment equipment.

Covering all industry sectors, Civmec provides a range of steel fabricated services and products for processing plants; offshore structures such as structural steel, vessels, tanks, oil and gas structures; platework; pipe spooling for all types of process plants; materials handling equipment; and modular assemblies for on- and off-shore structures. Major fabrication – including receipt of raw materials, pre-blasting, fabrication, and surface treatment – is carried out in-house under one roof, and direct delivery to inland or coastal construction sites can be carried out via the high wide load road corridor or the heavy load-out shipping wharf. This is an added benefit for clients, as this method eliminates expensive handling and transport costs associated with government regulations, main roads approvals and general road restrictions.

In addition to fabrication, Civmec provides a diverse range of civil and engineering services to meet the needs of all its clients, including civil construction, precast concrete, modular assembly, structural mechanical and piping (SMP) erection, and thermal, cryogenic and acoustic insulation.

Australia-wide, Civmec regularly takes on projects both large and small in the civil contracting arena. With all the necessary tools, formwork and construction equipment, the company creates structural foundations and slabs for heavy duty workshops and process plants, along with suspended slabs, crusher foundations, car dumper vaults, chambers and ROM wall construction. With the capacity to also manufacture up to 80,000 cubic metres per year of reinforced concrete products, Civmec also creates caissons, floor slabs, retaining walls and suspended slab sections of all sizes for the construction industry.

At Civmec, the company’s large workshop – with its tall bays and heavy lift synchronised overhead cranes – allows it to fabricate large smart modular assemblies (up to 29 metres wide by 19 metres high by 149 metres in length), which can be assembled into single units in the company’s central bay before being loaded using self-propelled modular transporters straight to the heavy AMC load-out wharfs for shipping. “With regards to modularisation, Civmec has a definite advantage over the competition.”

In the area of Structural, Mechanical and Piping (SMP) erection, Civmec’s SMP installation business has the technical expertise, project experience and skilled staff to undertake structural assembly and erection, site welding, mechanical installations and alignments, piping installation and pre-commissioning support. It also has the capacity to mobilise quickly to undertake projects locally and at remote sites throughout Australia.

Civmec’s SMP installation services are supported by a suite of comprehensive project management and OHSE systems.

When it comes to insulation, Civmec has the trained staff, technology, team and abilities to work 24/7 if need be to meet client deadlines, and can mobilise to any project across the nation at short notice. With staff experienced in all areas of industrial insulation, Civmec is able to tackle the procurement, pre-fabrication and preparation of insulation cladding and general sheet metal work, including light gauge platework from the company’s undercover workshop.

Well-Equipped Workshops

Having eight large workshop bays enables Civmec to produce a variety of products for mining, infrastructure, oil and gas projects, and a great deal more. Arranged to take on work in diverse disciplines, Civmec bays are specifically designed to handle general structural steel, platework, modular assembly, pipe spooling and vessels, precast concrete construction, storage and processing, load-out, and light gauge and sheet metal work.

Along with highly trained staff, Civmec has made considerable investments in specialist workshop equipment to ensure the company is able to successfully take on projects competitively, no matter the size. Civmec’s CNC equipment includes overhead gantry cranes, beam cutting, marking, processing, coping and drilling four-line system, a 30 metre-long bed for plate cutting, drilling and profiling, and a pipe cutting, profiling and bevelling machine able to handle pipes of up to 1000 millimetre in diameter.

In addition to this and other equipment, Civmec has plate and beam pre-fabrication blasting machines, post-fabrication blast chambers, and enclosed painting rooms to ensure all projects are treated with precision from start to finish.

High-Profile Projects

Civmec is currently involved in providing services for several substantial projects. This work includes over 10,000 tonnes of fabricated and welded steel structures for the Chevron Gorgon project as well as the manufacture of more than 50,000 cubic metres of precast concrete foundations and manholes for the Chevron Gorgon onshore process plant. Other projects include over 11,000 tonnes of fabricated steel and modularised steel structures for the BHPB Port Hedland Inner Harbour expansion project and major site civil concrete construction works for mining giant Rio Tinto at Hope Downs 4, Marandoo and other mine sites in the Pilbara under a five year stream agreement.

No matter the size or scope of the job, Civmec is able to take on a range of projects due to its size and other key factors.

“We base our strength on our diversity, a strong dedicated management team and a total commitment to providing our clients with the best service,” says Mr Macri. “This is reinforced by the great support infrastructure that we have built which gives us the ability to do modularisation work – because of our location, and also the fact that we can offer a suite of other services to almost complete the whole construction cycle. We can offer steel fabrication, structural, mechanical and piping erection, site civil works, detailed earthworks, concrete construction, and so on. So we’re in a fairly unique position, since not all companies can offer that level of in-house service.”

Strategic Resources

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