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Westralian Engineering Services Pty Ltd

Founded back in 1992 by Frank Mastaglia – who serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director – Westralian Engineering Services has evolved over the years from a general job shop into a business focusing on specialised fields, primarily the oil and gas industries. Manufacturing oil field tooling onshore and offshore to API standards, providing offshore and onshore marine maintenance along with pressure vessels design and manufacturing, Westralian offers a wealth of experience, manufacturing, and servicing options.

Strategically located in the Australian Marine Complex at Henderson in Western Australia, Westralian has worked for many respected companies in the oil, gas, mining and marine sectors, including Chevron, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Rio Tinto, BP Oil, Woodside Petroleum, and many others. From design and drafting to general and advanced (CNC) machine shop engineering, the company’s staff of 110 is regularly called upon for its expertise in mining, water and fluids treatment systems, and other areas. Working closely with all clients, the team at Westralian is often involved in projects from the early stages.

Working Closely with Clients

“This is essential to creating a relationship,” says Mr Mastaglia. “Whilst [a project] is strongly guided by the end value, you still need to maintain a strong relationship… the genuine companies will rely on relationships.” This focus on relationships ultimately leads to a better result, explains Mr Mastaglia. “You need to work closely with clients to value add to the project regardless of size.”

Working alongside with clients fits into the company’s Ten-Point Strategic Approach, which emphasises the need to work with clients, rather than for them. The distinction, according to Westralian, is important in enabling the company to recognise engineering needs and ensure that all existing systems work together. By devising a number of solutions based on factors such as overall efficiency and cost effectiveness, Westralian can save clients time, money, and resources. Readily acknowledging that its performance is measured by the quality of deliverable made to clients, the company’s future success is based upon not only meeting the highest standards of engineering principles, but on achieving complete customer satisfaction with each and every project.

Along with forming strong client partnerships, Westralian’s Ten-point Strategic Approach addresses other key areas, including a comprehensive evaluation process, identifying performance indicators/targets, isolating key specification tolerances, setting cost control/reduction goals, identifying environmental benefits, and others. Meeting the stringent quality control requirements of ISO 9001:2000, the company is at the forefront of contemporary engineering design, innovation, technical achievement, equipment and systems, and provides 24-hour field support and project management services. It is all part of Westralian’s commitment to ongoing quality across all areas of the business.

Evolving Technology

Committing itself to ongoing growth and development of its fabrication services, Westralian Engineering Services has the skills, tools, and technology to meet customers’ expectations and needs, including critical deadlines and stringent quality control procedures. With capabilities in specialised subsea structure manufacture, pressure vessels, surge vessels, specialised pipe spooling in exotic metals, structural repairs on and off site, heavy oil and gas maintenance, and fabrication, Westralian prides itself on its “can do” attitude.

To better serve all clients, the company regularly upgrades its facility and equipment to meet rigorous global standards. Despite the growth of the business, some areas, says the company’s founder, have remained relatively unchanged over the years. “The processes of manufacturing have not really changed in 20 years other then the demand for CNC equipment,” says Mr Mastaglia. “The company has introduced a number of processes in CNC, but the biggest single change has been people – the demand for QA, OHS, environmental, documentation control. These changes have made the structures of companies in private enterprise change; you now have a higher ratio of overheads to producers. The computer aided equipment available to engineers has been at the forefront of change, and new design and drawing packages have had significant input into the industry. But it goes back to people and skills; whilst it has changed to better the way we do things, it has also changed the demographics of the industry through skill levels. Unfortunately there is a much higher dependency on immigrant labour; we need this labour to support our changes.”

As specialists in oil and gas manufacturing fabrication and machining services, Westralian Engineering Services has the ability to manufacture in a number of locations throughout diverse regions of Australia. The company’s expertise covers a range of areas, including the fabrication of general equipment for both upstream and downstream processes utilising carbon and exotic materials, and modulated process systems from either in-house design, or external design encapsulating structural, mechanical, and associated piping and vessels.

With the capability to create pressure vessel designs and manufacture to AS1210, AS4458 and ASME VIII Div 1 and 2, Westralian also provides clients with pipe spooling fabrication, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Copper-Nickel, Chrome Alloy and Duplex Spooling to ASME B31.3 and AS4041. Able to manufacture specialised heavy structural modules to AWS D1.1 and AS1554.1 SP, the company can also make API monogram items to subsea and topside structures entailing specialised threads, ring joints and items that require the highest levels of quality control and monitoring.

Focus on Quality

Along with its dedicated and highly trained staff, Westralian ensures quality from project inception through to completion. To ensure the highest of standards are met, the company provides specialist training and motivation along with adherence to documented processes, full investigation of system and product deficiencies, and implementation of effective corrective action. Customer satisfaction is continuously assessed, and the company is committed to the successful implementation and maintenance of its Management System. At Westralian, all employees are required to actively participate in all quality related activities, with the company providing all necessary resources to achieve quality control objectives, benefitting both clients and the company.

Even after two decades in the business, Westralian works hard to not only provide existing clients with comprehensive services, but to gain new clients – not always easy in today’s present economic climate. “Even after 20 years, this does not guarantee that you will be chosen in preference to others,” explains Mr Mastaglia. “The engineers and purchasing officers are revolving, and the relationships can be strained because of the international commercial pressures.” The company continuously reviews its media presence and marketing approach to accurately reflect its service offerings and ensure that it is staying abreast of market trends and consumer needs.

A 100 per cent Australian owned company, Westralian Engineering Services’ core areas of expertise range from oil and gas heavy fabrication sub-sea and top-side, to the manufacture of oil field tooling onshore and offshore to API standards. Providing products and services to the marine industry, the company’s fabrication abilities include machining (CNC, heavy general and site), pressure vessel design and manufacturing, servicing the mining sector, supplying pipe and fittings according to international standards, and more.

Strategic Resources

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