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South Burnett Regional Council

The South Burnett Region, with affordable land for both residential and commercial use, is an ideal place to live for any person or business connected to the resource industry. Councillor Damien Tessmann says, “We anticipate that land sales will stimulate the local economy through new development projects and business ventures. We want to sell it to businesses that are really going to benefit our area.”

There is a dedicated development unit within Council, explains Cr Tessmann, ready to walk interested businesses through the application process. “We are set for economic development opportunities to come along,” Cr Tessmann says. “And we are prepared to assist those businesses that want to set up here.”

This is particularly good news for the resource sector. “We’ve got the land and we are prepared to do what we can to make it available for businesses that are working with the resource sector,” Cr Tessmann reports. “We are prepared… We’ve got it all mapped out ready to go.”

Pockets of industrial land in South Burnett are an especially good fit for industries that need a site away from populated areas due to high noise levels during operation or other undesirable attributes. The region also offers land away from town, ideal for companies that “need a lot of space and want to be out of overcrowded areas in the southeast, but still be very much connected to the southeast, and not right out in the middle of the bush somewhere,” says Cr Tessmann. In fact, the South Burnett is only two and a half hours away from Brisbane or the Sunshine and Fraser Coasts. So, although the countryside offers plenty of wide open spaces, new residents need not forgo the urban comforts of Queensland’s south east corner.

Businesses providing services or products to the resource sector will be able to capitalise on the South Burnett’s convenient position centrally located between major cities and the Surat Basin.

The four major towns of the South Burnett – Kingaroy, Murgon, Nanango and Wondai – are only separated by about 20 kilometres, so travelling from one to another is also relatively convenient. And, business opportunities surround each one.

Agriculture is significant throughout the South Burnett. The region’s rich soil supports many large scale agricultural operations, particularly peanut and navy bean cultivation. The South Burnett also produces more wine than any other area in Queensland. Swickers, the country’s largest pork abattoir, runs out of Kingaroy. The company began as a small, family operated business, and has steadily grown into the bacon producing giant it is today. Manufacturing is strong throughout the region, particularly operations that support mining and agriculture. South Burnett also boasts a mine – the government owned Meandu Mine, operated by Stanwell Corporation which supplies electricity into Queensland and Northern NSW.

The South Burnett’s major aerodrome, situated in Kingaroy, has a 1600 metre sealed runway with a separate cross runway and a separate glider airstrip. In addition, Council currently has hangar space available for aviation related businesses. “The Kingaroy aerodrome is one of the better runways within regional Queensland,” Cr Tessmann says. ”We are keen to work with aviation businesses that are looking to set up in the region.”

Land in the South Burnett is not only readily available for businesses, but for residential use as well. Cr Tessmann reports that the housing pressures facing surrounding areas are wholly non-existent in this region. In fact, the South Burnett has just been awarded a $3.7 million affordable housing grant by the federal government to assist in road construction that will link the housing development to the nearest major highway. Cr Tessmann believes that this development will provide reduced price land (in some cases as much as $16,000 off the market value) and provide opportunities for local builders and other businesses.

Newcomers taking advantage of business opportunities and affordable housing prices will find that the South Burnett also offers great liveability. The lovely countryside is home to two of Queensland’s largest inland waterways – the Bjelke-Petersen Dam and Lake Boondooma, as well as the enchanting Bunya Mountains. Beautiful vineyards abound, and wine connoisseurs can enjoy award-winning offerings from 20 wineries and cellar doors. The Region hosts a major wine and food festival in March each year.

Golf courses are numerous in the South Burnett, and many are well known throughout south east Queensland. The region also offers a variety of RSL, golf and bowling clubs, all of which are always open to visitors. Other entertainment possibilities for the family include 10-pin bowling, a night at the movies, or attending one of the many community events during the year. Those who enjoy the latter may also want to catch the region’s music festivals held each September and October.

The liveability of the region is also enhanced by the many well-kept public parks equipped with BBQs and picnic tables scattered throughout the region. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy fishing, diving, and water skiing in the region’s two fantastic dams. The area also has multiple public pools, including several that are heated.

The South Burnett offers plenty of indoor activities as well. There are a variety of museums highlighting everything from the local dairy and timber industries to the region’s rocks and minerals. Several museums boast unique displays found only in the South Burnett – for example, the award winning Energy Centre in Nanango, which is unique to Queensland. Several local galleries display a rich collection of local artwork and are supported by a wide range of local arts and crafts industries. Art lovers may also enjoy the South Burnett’s week-long arts festivals in June and October of each year.

Residents also have access to public or private schools and hospitals, and a number of retiree villages and aged care facilities.

Visitors taking advantage of the region’s many activities will find a range of affordable accommodation. In fact, visitors will find they spend only half to a third of what they would for a weekend at the coast. There are a wide variety of quality B&Bs, many of which are located at or close to the local wineries and cellar doors. The South Burnett’s well known host farms and farmstays attract visitors from around the world. Rustic cabins and holiday homes are also available in Bunya Mountains and around Lake Boondooma and Bjelke-Petersen Dam.

The South Burnett is busy attracting new businesses with its large stock of well priced land and resource sector opportunities. New residents, however, will find that life here isn’t all work and no play. Plenty of entertainment opportunities abound – from outdoor adventures to wine tastings. But, Cr Tessman argues that the region’s greatest attribute might well be its laid back, rural charm. “It’s just the quiet, country lifestyle that so many people dream about.”

Strategic Resources

There are 17 classified rare earth elements, many of which have strategic purposes. Rare in name only, these elements are anything but scarce as they are found all over the world. The challenge rare earth elements pose is during extraction, as they exist in low concentrations and are difficult to separate from one another.

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