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-By Aleisha Parr

As Australia’s leading mobile testing and calibration services expert, TEX Onsite has built an outstanding network of technicians throughout every state. With operational centres in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Townsville, Gladstone, Toowoomba, Sydney, Mackay, and Darwin, TEX Onsite is able to provide for its clients comprehensive onsite testing or calibration of an extensive range of equipment as well as its own electronic repair laboratory. In addition, TEX Onsite is NATA Accredited (No 15281) to enhance the provision of confidence, quality and stability of service.

In order to stay ahead of the tight competition, TEX Onsite has been an industry leader in developing innovative services as well as service delivery systems; at present, the company provides its clients the option of service delivery via van, aircraft or boat. “Our ability to react to client requirements makes us really competitive,” explains Mick Kirwan, Managing Director. “Others have tried to set up to copy what we do, but by continually releasing new products and new ways to supply the service, we stay ahead of the competition. At this stage we have around 25 service vans on the road across Australia, four aeroplanes available to service remote sites and a fully equipped boat to look after the islands.”

From the start, the company was founded on innovation, with Mr Kirwan’s initial idea to provide onsite van service to clients in order to improve efficiencies by reducing downtime. Despite the extraordinary success this choice has garnered for the company, Mr Kirwan is quick to point out that it is only through his dedicated and talented team that TEX Onsite continues to succeed. “I started TEX Onsite, but really, the company has become its own entity and the people that work in amongst that company are the ones that truly are pushing the company’s growth. The team at TEX Onsite are an enthusiastic, young and innovative team.”

Mr Kirwan continues with a nod to the in-house R&D team, who he says is what drives the company in its constant evolution. “We do it all in-house; we’ve got two scientists who basically evaluate, source or outsource, and implement everything. So I’d say we’ve got an R&D department that is flat out excellent.

“Everything we have done has been from scratch. Every service that we’ve set up has been an innovation and new. And so, I suppose our cost to actually implement, every time, a new service has been horrendous, but obviously we’re getting the reward from our clients because even though it’s more expensive to do things onsite, it saves them a lot of time and money in terms of downtime and their equipment never leaves their premises.”

Two of these latest innovations include a new service to calibrate fluid flow meters – including diesel, water, air current, slurry, etc – and a new relay protection service in collaboration with power system protection specialists, Electre Consulting.

The fluid flow calibration service is in direct response to new government mandates requiring stricter environmental management of mine sites, island services, resorts, etc. Says Mr Kirwan, “We can actually assist them in the compliance of that… calibrating all their instruments onsite, helping to improve the environmental management of these sites.”

TEX Onsite’s partnership with Electre Consulting has just recently been launched, with the first project lined up for February 2012. Together, these companies will provide a rapid response mobile team that can deploy the latest in protection relay test equipment – a service never provided before in Australia. This efficient and guaranteed service is offered for any location in Australia, completely changing the game for network operators, saving time, money and peace of mind.

“Professional maintenance of your protection relay installation is imperative for the satisfactory operation of your power systems,” explains TEX Onsite in a service introduction publication. “Without proper maintenance, protection systems become ineffective for their originally designed purpose and owners run the risk of serious damage to expensive equipment, not to mention the safety of staff and the public in general.”

Of course, these are just two of the many innovative and comprehensive services offered by TEX Onsite, making it a one-stop shop of sorts for Australian businesses to rely on in times of need. Not only can the company assist in repairs, but it also offers a variety of maintenance services to protect its clients against future equipment malfunctions or breakdowns.

“We’re there to innovate so that our clients can be compliant,” explains Mr Kirwan. “And we’re there to make sure that our clients encounter minimal downtime for their equipment and don’t have to carry excess inventory while their equipment is off being tested.”

Unlike many industries, the mobile testing and calibration sector continues to grow, despite the economic downturn. In fact, services such as this – which can save a company significant financial output in the long run – are ever more popular in this type of economic climate.

“The industry is quite buoyant because the mining industry is booming and also environmental management is something that governments are really pushing. I do understand there is a depressed economy but fortunately we haven’t experienced that. Our growth is checking at 38 per cent this year, so that’s phenomenal.”

He continues, “Our implementation of fluid meters and the protection work, as well as our new marine capabilities, is going to keep us busy for most of 2012; we’ll be working on marketing and deploying those. As to what’s next on the agenda; well, that’s my secret! But rest assured that industry will reap the benefits.”

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