Casting Done to Perfection

In the demanding world of foundry moulding and casting, products need to be precision made and last for years. Few companies realise this better than North Queensland based Northern Iron & Brass Foundry Pty Ltd. Offering free, no-obligation quotes, the company wide range of services and capabilities ensures it is able to meet the casting needs of all clients.

Northern Iron & Brass Foundry

Powering Remote Mines

When it comes to off-the-grid solutions providing affordable, sustainable energy with little or no carbon footprint compared to traditional sources such as coal, oil and gas, most people think of technologies such as solar being applied primarily to household consumers. While cleaner sources of energy such as solar and wind power are proving to have solid applications in residential settings in both urban and rural areas, it is no small irony that one of the greatest producers of power – Australia’s mining industry – is also a great consumer of energy.

Sustainable Solar Solutions

Piping Hot

Global Pipe’s title pretty much tells the whole story. From its base in Victoria this company can supply a pipeline for just about any application you are ever likely to need. Global is essentially a sales and service organisation rather than a manufacturer, offering the ranges of two of the world’s top pipe makers in fibre reinforced plastic and another range of HDPE pipe.

Global PipeGlobal Pipe

Powering the Processes of Industry

The company provides access to premium, reliable and competitively priced mobile lighting towers, diesel generators, Siltbuster water solutions, and Mobile truck wheel wash and dust control equipment, supplying brands that are internationally recognised. PR Power’s range of equipment has been extensively researched and tested to ensure quality, reliable products are available for use in a wide range of applications Australia-wide.

PR Power

The Recyclist

Worth Recycling’s Manager, George Cooper, says the company is also adept at dealing with solid wastes, collecting, recycling and re-using according to the materials involved.

Worth Recycling

Three Business Units, One Focus on Innovation

From its humble beginnings in a Sydney home office in 2006, Saxons Group has grown to serve over one hundred public and government companies throughout Australia. It now covers three core businesses and a strategic group, enabling an end to end IT implementation, training, service and support for small to medium size businesses.

Saxons Group


It’s been some time since ‘alternative’ energy became mainstream. Today’s technicians search for efficient (and cost-efficient) means of producing alternative or renewable energy as assiduously as alchemists once sought means of turning base metals into gold…

A Space for Fuel Cells in the Global Energy Equation

Race to the Bottom

With all the speculation and paranoia surrounding the potential exhaustion of land based mineral deposits, as well as the increasing costs associated with locating and extracting any deposits which remain, the most innovative and forward thinking companies and countries are racing to the bottom (of the ocean, that is!), where the potential for abundant and untapped deposits of high quality lie in wait.

Mining the Seafloor

The Future of Mining

From Robot Trucks to Fibre Optics The Future of MiningBy Robert Hoshowsky View in E-Magazine If Austrian-born actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t the embodiment of the future, he certainly has helped us realise what technology has in store for mankind. Through films like the Terminator series and Total Recall, the not-so-distant future is depicted in often unequal parts glorious and dystopian. The lesson in these and countless other futuristic films and novels such as George Orwell’s oft-referenced Nineteen Eighty-Four and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is strikingly similar: technology can be a great thing, as long as we are […]

The Future of Mining

Solar Energy in Mining

Across the world, renewable solar photovoltaic energy has widely been gaining traction as a reliable energy source for large electricity consumers. Of course, while renewable energy is an important aspect of environmental conservancy efforts, it can also offer incredible cost savings – especially in expensive regions which see dry, clear skies. Places, of course, like most of Australia, where the mining sector operates throughout rural locations, frequently off-grid, to high cost at the expense of mining companies.

Solar Energy in Mining

Strategic Resources

There are 17 classified rare earth elements, many of which have strategic purposes. Rare in name only, these elements are anything but scarce as they are found all over the world. The challenge rare earth elements pose is during extraction, as they exist in low concentrations and are difficult to separate from one another.

April 25, 2018, 2:10 AM AEST


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