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With a rich and storied resources history that goes back to about 1800, Australia has earned an enviable position as one of the world’s leaders in mineral production. Soon after European settlers arrived at Sydney Cove in 1788, the land was mind for coal for cooking and heating, soon followed by exports such as copper.

September 2, 2014, 3:30 AM EST

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Race to the Bottom »

With all the speculation and paranoia surrounding the potential exhaustion of land based mineral deposits, as well as the increasing costs associated with locating and extracting any deposits which remain, the most innovative and forward thinking companies and countries are racing to the bottom (of the ocean, that is!), where the potential for abundant and untapped deposits of high quality lie in

Mining the Seafloor

Sweet Smell of Success »

Suncoast Waste Water Management (SWWM) manufacturers the Ozzi Kleen range of water and waste water treatment systems. Subject to many patents, the Ozzi Kleen sewage treatment system was the first Australian purely aerobic (cyclic) treatment system for black and grey water and even today there are few if any other such designs on the market – most alternatives have an anaerobic phase (ie a septic

Ozzi Kleen

From Exploration to Production »

Since 2008, KBL Mining, the precious and base metals production, development, and exploration company, has experienced incredible growth and success amidst the ever-changing environment of Australia’s lucrative mining sector. Today, the company is moving towards developing its second mining operation at Sorby Hills, which is not only Australia’s, but potentially the world’s largest near-surf

KBL Mining

No Compromise »

Tough by name, and tough by nature. Twenty years on from the first Tuff Trailer, this forward-thinking Queensland company is the manufacturer of the strongest custom-built truck trailers for large and outsize loads to be found anywhere.

Tuff Trailers

Forty Years On »

Forty years in the plant hire business is a remarkable achievement, but that is exactly what Renfrey Plant Hire of Adelaide is celebrating this year.

Renfrey Plant Hire

Fighting Back »

The challenges of a changing economic environment are steep. But the expertise built up over 80 years by W E Smith is too valuable to lose, and instead of capitulating, this New South Wales company is successfully remodelling itself to meet the revised market conditions head on.

WE Smith Engineering

Passion For Safety »

In the construction and resources industries throughout Australia, scaffolding is classed as one of the most high-risk occupations. It involves the construction of temporary structures to obtain access to areas that are unattainable and immediately, workers are introduced to numerous risks that extend not only to the scaffolding crew itself, but every contractor in the surrounding area. Minimising


Adding Value »

With a rich and storied resources history that goes back to about 1800, Australia has earned an enviable position as one of the world’s leaders in mineral production. Soon after European settlers arrived at Sydney Cove in 1788, the land was mind for coal for cooking and heating, soon followed by exports such as copper.

The Economic Importance of Mining

The Leading Edge of Exploration Drilling »

Orbit Drilling is at the leading edge of exploration drilling. In fact, the team regularly ventures into the nation’s most inhospitable and desolate regions to accomplish its mission. “Our clients take us into the frontier,” Managing Director Martin Smith says. “We are the first people in there.”

Orbit Drilling

Fleurieu Cranes »

Fleurieu Cranes, based out of Adelaide, South Australia, has what it takes to get any job done on time and without fuss. With a deep understanding of its clients in South Australia, Fleurieu Cranes ensures the highest quality work through its extensive and varied fleet and experienced employees.

Fleurieu Cranes

The Legra Group »

The Legra Group is an innovator. It began life in 1984 by providing specific pumping systems for individual mining requirements, and has been doing so ever since, most recently coming up with a design for deep borehole pumping.

The Legra Group

Energy Matters »

There has never been a better time to consider switching to solar energy – and there may never be such a good time again. That's the view of one of the founders of one of Australia's most successful supply and installation companies solely dedicated to renewable energy.

Energy Matters

CB Group »

In 1946, Bill and Peter Clark launched Clark Brothers Sand and Gravel in the Darling Downs region of south western Queensland. The brothers were armed with little more than two shovels, a flatbed truck, and an order to fill. Sixty-eight years later, the Clark family is still in business, and have greatly expanded their geographical footprint and range of services.

CB Group

Centrogen »

Up in Townsville, Queensland, is a company that provides something quite unusual: Vegetation Management Solutions. And according to Kerry Sutton, that means quite a lot more than just cutting the grass.


Continental Water Systems »

For more than twenty three years, Continental Water Systems has designed, built, and serviced innovative pure water solutions for customers in Australia and beyond, consistently showing passion, experience, and knowledge base to lead the pack in the development and introduction of exciting new systems and products with applications across a variety of industries.

Continental Water Systems

Mayfield Industries »

Specialist engineering firm Mayfield Industries is considered one of Australia’s most trusted names in the design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of transportable switchrooms and switchboard solutions. The Adelaide based business got its start way back in 1936, and continues to be 100 per cent Australian owned and operated to this day.

Mayfield Industries

Minecorp Australia »

As the name suggests, Minecorp's core business focus is on mining vehicle customisation, in which it supplies an exceptionally wide range of products aimed at increasing vehicle safety and efficiency. The company's solutions encompass all manner of individual requirements for any market and any fleet, large or small. However, its capabilities go far beyond mining – and beyond these shores.

Minecorp Australia